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A San Francisco girl who loves everything about that foggy city by the bay – freezing at AT&T Park, garlic fries in hand while watching my beloved Giants play, talking and laughing with friends over delicious dim sum in Chinatown, huffing and puffing up the steep hills home after a lovely day at the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building.

Yes, SF (don’t you dare call it “Frisco” or even worse “San Fran”, ugh…), will always hold a special place in my heart.  However, after living there for over 30 years, I felt like a change was in order.  I loved traveling, but I wanted to take the next step, to move out of my comfort zone.  I was already living in the best city in the US, so to make the big move, I had to go out of the country.

So now I’m here in France.  It’s been over 9 years.  There tends to be a romanticized ideal about living in France, that it’s all wine and roses.  And cheese and croissants.  Well, don’t get me wrong… the wine, cheese and croissants are all fabulous.  But there are some frustrating things to go along with the good and maybe one day I’ll talk about that, too.  In the meantime, come along with me on my French adventure. Detours to other countries included. 

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