Fanny & Jared’s Wedding

First stop of this trip…over. Next stop… Jackson Hole via Chicago O’Hare, where I am now on a stopover. (I’m going to grab some Garrett’s popcorn after finishing this post.) As I wait here, I’m able to reflect on the fun events of yesterday…

It started in the AM, where I tagged along with Ro to her hair salon. Since I’m pretty much useless at doing my own hair, I was hoping that someone there could help me with a nice updo to accessorize nicely with my Chinese dress. Thankfully, a wonderfully hairstylist named Dora was available. She not only up-did my hair into a glamourous chignon, she volunteered to do my and Ro’s makeup as well, complete with eyelash extensions! We walked out there feeling very sophisticated. So THIS is how the movie stars look so fabulous…


After this excursion, we picked up Cory (who opted NOT to have his hair and makeup done – go figure) and headed into Miami for Fanny’s wedding. The wedding was at a hotel on a terrace overlooking what I assumed was a bay. Some sort of body of water anyway… We waited in the sweltering sticky humid heat waiting for the wedding to start. (As Cory, my fellow Bay Area’n puts it, “It’s like someone keeps spitting hot water on my face.” – Can’t you tell we’re such spoiled Californians?) Finally, the wedding started with Fanny looking absolutely beautiful, and Jared looking very happy. As Jared’s dad gave the talk, dark clouds loomed overhead threatening downpours. But thankfully the clouds waited until the wedding was over and we were safely inside to start thunder storming and pouring.


Waiting for the wedding to begin, with Cory, Ro, and Ro’s mom

Here comes the bride…

Everyone wants a photo, even Isabella!


The wedding went quickly after that. Some appetizers were ate, some champagne was drank, some cake was cut, and some songs were danced to. It was fun to see Jared on the dance floor with Fanny (which I had never seen before!), and to see them relax and have a good time with friends. After our bittersweet good-byes were said, a small group of us headed to Area 31, which despite its name, is located on the 16th floor of the swanky Epic Hotel. The restaurant was part of Miami Spice (like Dine-About-Town for you San Franciscans), so we got a fancy 3 course meal for a great price. The restaurant/hotel was gorgeous, with beautiful views of downtown Miami. A nice way to end the night and another Miami trip. I will NOT miss that humidity (yes, I know I’m complaining AGAIN), but I will miss all my friends down there. Thanks Floridians for showing me a good time. Next stop…Jackson Hole, Wyoming!



Me with Fanny, Ro, and their moms

View from Area 31, at the Epic Hotel

Our after party group!

Congratulations Jared and Fanny!

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