New York Wining and Dining

Stuffed. I am sooooo stuffed. 3 days of New York has undid all my good eating habits that led me up to this trip. But that’s okay. For the sake of good company, it’s worth the sacrifice. I just hope that I’m not starting to look as stuffed as I feel…

We came into JFK at 6:30 on Saturday morning and literally hit the ground running. We checked into the lovely Bossert in Brooklym, radiating old-school New York glamour in its chandelier filled lobby. Then we met up with my fellow PT friend Eboni, following her into Greenwich Village for afternoon tea at Tea & Sympathy. With an English tea cup in hand, 3 tiers of goodies in front, and British accents filling the air, I almost felt like I had been transported to London. The bitter, cold New York chill brought me back to reality, though…


Afternoon tea at Tea & Sympathy

Bossert Hotel Lobby

Sunday was our day of 2 brunches with 2 different groups of friends. Our first brunch was with our friends, the Goldes, in a cute French bistro on the Lower East Side, where we had a truffle omelette, mini pancakes, and smoked salmon. Then, after the meeting came brunch #2 with another group of friends, including Kim and Nicci. There, my baked eggs (filled with lots of cheese) and raspberry Bellini completely put me over the edge. To cleanse our systems, Kim made us some lovely veggie/fruit juice (her new fad), which was then promptly undone by a Girls Night Out with cocktails at the Spice Market…


Yes, it’s THAT cold!!!


Brunch #2 at Arcane

Kim presents her pre-juice yummies

Girls Night Out at the Spice Market

Monday began with lunch with friends at Bethel where I got my fill of fresh baked sourdough and fresh whipped butter. Then, visiting around to see the friends I knew and places I worked before took up most of the afternoon. Finally, a great dinner at Jack the Horse tavern with another former SF-resident, Lara. At this quaint restaurant in residential Brooklyn Heights, we proceeded to have the BEST Mac n cheese EVER. It was so good that we shared two servings. Yes…it was THAT good…

Sunset off the Brooklyn Promenade

Dinner with Lara

Today, after coffee and a delicious egg bagel, we’re heading to our friend’s house on the Upper East Side. No doubt, more gastronomical adventures await…

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