Our Last Full Day in France… Le Sigh…

Sadly, today is our last day in France. 😦 Then again, maybe it’s a good thing – I don’t know if my waistline can take much more of this good eating…

We started this day with our meeting with the English group in Nimes. This small group of about 30 is made up primarily of English-language learners. It was nice to finally attend a meeting where I understand everything that’s going on! My dad even got to be a last minute substitute speaker for the public talk and did a great job.

After the meeting, association with the wonderfully warm brothers and sisters in both the English group and French congregation, and a nice Italian meal with Frenchie’s family, we had time for a bit more touring of the area. We started with the town of Aigue-Mort (I think), an ancient completely walled city. We were expecting a calm day, but unfortunately the best laid plans don’t always work out. It ends up there was a loud crazy combination carnival/running-with-the-bulls/derby car racing in beat up cars. So our touring of the town was limited. Oh well. Next time!

The walls of Aigue-Mort

A scary sign. And they weren’t joking. We saw them closing off the streets before the bull-running. We would have stayed to see it but we wanted to move on before the sun went down.

We then went to the small resort town of Le Grau de Roi, in the area called the Camargue. This little resort town has a canal and sits right on the sea. There’s also a bunch of beaches as well. We caught this town at the perfect moment – right as the sun was setting…

Canal leading to the Sea

The Lighthouse


The beautiful clouds

Frenchie strikes a pose

I’m not sure, but I think these belong to a fisherman named Lou…

After our adventures through the Camargue, we had a lovely dinner made by the lovely mother-daughter duo of Carol and Carla. Foie gras, olive tapenade, brindade, rotisserie pork, red cabbage with lardons, and a meringued ice cream cake. Delicious!

Now begins the fun part of packing. Ugh…

Tomorrow: Madrid!

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