A European Detour to … Prague, Part Two

It’s a sad thing that the only time I seem to have time to blog is when I’m sick, as I’m here trying to fight a cold. But, in good news, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising into the high 50’s to low 60’s so it seems like we’ve made it through the worst of winter (I hope).

But I digress – let’s continue with our tour through Prague. After exploring the Charles Bridge and the Dancing House the day before, we were ready to visit Prague Castle. And as it ends up, Prague Castle isn’t really just a castle, it’s a large complex. And what we thought we were seeing as Prague Castle from the distance wasn’t the castle at all, but a cathedral near the actual castle. However, the cathedral is also on the Prague Castle property. It’s all very confusing.

Before visiting, I watched a great YouTube series on what to do and what not do at Prague Castle and that really prepared us for our journey. The good thing about Prague Castle is that it’s free to just walk around as long as you don’t mind dodging other tourists. Although the actual “castle”, or the residence of the Czech President wasn’t super interesting, there were still other things to see.

Residence of the President (with a couple of statues guarding the entrance)
The imposing cathedral which is probably the most recognizable building of Prague Castle
Also a popular spot for wedding photos
Inside the cathedral
There are some impressive stained glass windows inside
The massive cathedral isn’t the only religious place within Prague Castle. The pink building on the left, located right behind the cathedral, is Saint George’s Basilica.
The nice thing about this castle complex being so big is that there are many places to get lost…

Another popular place in this Prague Castle complex is the Golden Lane. This lane was originally built in the 16th century to house the castle guards. It gets it name from the goldsmiths who lived here one century later. One tip is that the entrance to this lane is free after 5pm, but the downside of this is that everyone knows this, too. So we found this cute little lane to be quite overcrowded with people.

Golden Lane
Most of these little homes are now souvenir shops

Prague Castle was okay, but I found the architecture around the castle complex to be a lot more interesting…

Loved seeing these signs of fall
Views from the castle complex

So in conclusion, Prague Castle was definitely worth a visit for us, even if it was a little overrated. The surrounding architecture and beautiful views made up for the underwhelming castle.

Until next time…

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