Paris Odds and Ends

As the days increasingly get shorter and the temps increasingly get colder, I’m thinking back to summer days in Paris. Here some randoms photos taken over a long weekend in Paris…

Gardens are plentiful around Paris. Here are some flowers in a small park right across from the ominous Notre Dame Cathedral.

The sun sets on Paris
In 2024, Paris will host the Summer Olympic games. These massive rings outside the Hôtel de Ville remind visitors of this.
We did the trendy thing and went to Pink Mamma for lunch. The interior is very Instagrammable in its own right, but I love this view outside their top floor window.
There’s no better way to work off a heavy lunch with a walk through Montmartre, where artists are continuing to draw inspiration from their surroundings
Hôtel des Invalides, originally built as a hospital and veterans home, houses the military museum of the French army.
It gives me San Francisco City Hall vibes.
Looking through the garden of the Les Invalides towards the Eiffel Tower
The Medici Fountain, built in around 1630, sits in the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens)
The Jardin du Luxembourg
Institut de France, the self-proclaimed “Protector of Arts, Literature and Science”

La Samaritaine is a large department store in the heart of Paris, built in 1910 in the Art Deco stye.
After being closed for 7 years for renovation, it was finally reopened to the public in 2021.
This building needs no introduction.

Bonne nuit Paris! ♡

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