Ilha Grande, Part Dois

On my last blog, I was unable to post photos due to my iPad not connecting with the Wifi. I’m happy to say that it’s working better now, so here are some photos of Ilha Grande…

Our first view of the town of Abraao, basically the only town on Ilha Grande

Praia Preta, aka the Black Sand Beach (the black sand comes from quartz deposits)

Sunset begins on the beach

Nighttime on the beach

The next day’s hike (aka Death March) to the beautiful Lopes Mendes Beach

Bamboo along our hike – I guess they’re not only indigenous to China!

One of the beaches we passed (Praia Palmas) to get to Lopes Mendes

After a 6.6km hike, it was so nice to walk out onto the beautiful sands of Lopes Mendes Beach!

Praia Lopes Mendes

The clear waters leaving their imprint in the sand

Self portrait of Ro and I

Toes enjoying the beautiful crystal blue waters (until they started getting numb, that is!)

4 responses to “Ilha Grande, Part Dois

  1. Pink tennis shoes were doing fine until sand got in there during hike and was literally sanding my feet with each step…ouch! But once we arrived at the beautiful Lopes Mendes beach, all was forgiven and forgotten!

  2. Beautiful! Hmmm, what’s missing? Beer cans, bottles, plastic bags, cigarette butts, garbage & bare, sunburned skin or people for that matter. You really had the place to yourselves. Are you getting your fill of seafood?

    • There were quite a few people there, but the whole beach is 3km long, so there’s plenty of room to spread out. There’s a lot of emphasis on taking your garbage with you and it seems that thankfully most people follow that. We’ve been having a lot of delicious seafood and a lot of delicious beef. Hopefully our walking/hiking is counteracting all of our good eating. I can honestly say that we haven’t had a bad meal yet!

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