Meandering through Paris

Another day of meandering through the neighborhoods in Paris. Paris is meant for meandering, getting lost and enjoying the diversions from finding your way again. We had another day of walking, this time around the beautiful area of Montmartre. I happened upon this neighborhood 15 years ago on our last day in Paris and always regretted not spending more time here. Well, today was my chance to explore. Forget writing, Paris is better described in photos…

Exiting the Metro onto the Place des Abbesses

The winding inclines of Montmartre

Basilique du Sacre Coeur

Looking up at the intricate detail

Great views of Paris from here. Boo got to sit overlooking Rio, now it’s Paris’ turn



Really cool street performer balancing a soccer ball over Paris. In this last photo, the ball is spinning on a pen in his mouth!

Plenty of lamps overlooking the steps of Montmartre

In the words of Victor Hugo…

Delicious macaroons in a boutique in Montmartre

Looking up at Notre Dame

Best ice cream ever! Caramel beurre sale & noix de coco. With homemade chantilly cream on top. Even Boo looks a little envious…

Not pictured: Our French dinner consisting of baguettes, ham, salami, camembert, foie gras, and of course French red wine from Saint Emilion. It’s a good thing I’m leaving Paris tomorrow – I don’t think my waistline can take much more of this…

Tomorrow: Belgium!

2 responses to “Meandering through Paris

  1. I don’t think my waistline can take much more of this…Tomorrow: Belgium! – You are soooooooooooo mistaken! Belgian food = French food with German portions!

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