One Day, Three Countries

One day. Three countries. Only in Europe.

I kinda got the day off to a bad start, sleeping through my alarm and waking up late. Thankfully, I still had time to finish packing and head off to Gare du Nord for my train to Belgium. My parents and Frenchie were sweet enough to see me off (and help carry my bags)…

Taken from my seat on the train. Good-bye for 2 weeks…

After about a couple of hours on the train, I was in a new city in a new country, Brussels. There, I met up with Pat and our friend Dawn, who currently lives in Belgium with her husband, John. We got a brief tour of the center of Brussels, which included a hot chocolate and a Belgian waffle.

The details in traditional Belgian architecture is much more intricate than the French

Traditional Belgian puppetry

Apparently Tin Tin is also Belgian

This is the famous Brussels statue, called the “Mannequin Pis”. No kidding.

After walking around Brussels, we headed to a small town called Maastricht, in the Netherlands, close to the Belgium border. Why? Well, Pat really wanted to say that she had been to Holland. 🙂 Although I had never heard of Maastricht before, I was pleasantly surprised at how quaint, clean, and safe it was. We walked the cobblestone streets, looking at window displays (thankfully the shops were closed so no temptations here!) and strolling along the river…


The narrow winding cobblestone streets

Maastricht church

A piece of the old city walls

Tomorrow… Bruges!

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