A Weekend in Lyon…

Last weekend, we spent a lovely weekend in Lyon. Our main purpose in traveling to Lyon was to attend the (last) 2 day circuit assembly in the nearby town of Vienne, however we were able to sneak a little time into the city to explore. And we loved it!!!

Our trip started off with a bang. We had booked a budget train ticket (10 euros) from Montpellier to Lyon, but due to technical difficulties, they replaced the budget train with a regular TGV train and…we were able to ride in first class! I was able to luxuriously watch the French countryside fly by from a large beautiful comfortable seat. We then arrived at the funky, reptilian Lyon Saint-Exupery train station…

Lyon St. Exupery Train Station

The luxury didn’t end there, though. We arrived at the rental car agency and learned that we had been upgraded to a Mercedes Benz M class SUV!!! I’ve never been much into luxury cars, but that Mercedes drove beautifully. It was fabulous to drive, hugging the curves on the road. The only pain was driving in the city of Lyon – those narrow streets, small parking spaces, and tiny parking garages were not made for a large luxury SUV! Thankfully, I made it through the weekend without a scratch.

My car for 4 days!

My car for 4 days!

So much fun to drive!

So much fun to drive!

More photos of the city of the beautiful city of Lyon (all photos taken straight out of the camera and unedited):

Place des Jacobins

Place des Jacobins

Passerelle Palais du Justice Passerelle du Palais de Justice

Passerelle at Night Passerelle du Palais du Justice at Night

Lyon Opera House Lyon Opera House at Night

And then… there’s the Lyonnaise cuisine.  The Lyonnaise cuisine is different from that in the south of France in that it’s richer, with more heavy cream sauces.  The Lyonnaise also love to use all parts of the cow – including the brain, intestines, etc, and you can find them quite commonly on the many menus.  For me, no thank you.  But there were lots of other yummy things to eat…

Salade LyonaiseSalade Lyonnaise

Cuisine Lyonaise Warm Lyonnaise Sausage with Potatoes

We had such a great time in Lyon, and I can’t wait to visit again so I can explore this beautiful city a little more. But after the circuit assembly, we left to Lyon … to go to Berlin, Germany, where we are right now! To be continued…

2 responses to “A Weekend in Lyon…

  1. Yea, Lyon is where Berto and I want to déménage to. I loved it. Nice coutryside and many similar advantages as Paris, such as great food, bien sur.

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