A Return Trip to Giverny

Visitors are the best! Although living in a beautiful place like France, life sometimes tends to fall into a busy routine and it’s difficult to find time to stop and enjoy the beauty that lies within a couple hours of home. But when visitors come, it’s a great opportunity to stop what I’m doing and think about where I can take them. When our friends visited from the US last month in the middle of springtime, I thought of taking them to one of my favorite places – Monet’s gardens at Giverny.

This wasn’t my first time in Giverny, in fact I’ve even blogged about it before. But, the second visit was just as stunning as the first, and therefore it warrants another set of photos. It’s easy to see how Monet got inspiration for many of his paintings from this garden. It’s small in size but rich in color and beauty.

I’m so happy we were here to just catch the last of the tulips.
We caught the wisteria just as it was starting to bloom.
It would be nice to return in the summer when these lily pads are fully in bloom.

There’s also Monet’s house here and its entrance is included in the price of admission. But as nice as the house is, I’m still drawn more to the beauty outside.

I do love this tiling, though.

It’s also nice to walk around the village of Giverny itself. There are colorful flowers all around and nice benches and grassy areas to relax.

Colorful tulips outside the Giverny Museum of Impressionism
I’m not sure what these flowers are, but they are so cute!

One last note – one of my friends loved the yellow canola flowers that could be seen everywhere while driving in the countryside. The only problem is that pulling over in the countryside is a lot easier said than done, as the roads are narrow and the ditches on the side deep. But on the way back, we found a spot to pull over and were able to take in this peaceful fields of flowers.

Until next time,


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